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Oh, the thrill of clicking “Remove App” (RED! DANGER!) only to remove it from the home screen.

Comparable only to closing the MS Word without saving the document, counting on “Do you want to save” dialog to appear.

Why yes, we put a LCD screen on our blender so we can draw real life-like buttons on it.

Some websites use videos as GIFs. Because there's nothing better than an auto-playing video whose controls are hidden behind a system menu.

Website of the day:

It’s a wall of text, but:

- with beautiful typography,

- with pure black for body text,

- footnotes do not copy book design, make use of empty margins instead,

- no fixed elements, no sliding headers. Nothing except text when reading,

- with link previews (like on Wikipedia),

- works fast,

- doesn’t make you want to turn on Reader View.

A rare sight these days.

Thanks @arsenii_that_b for suggesting it.

Remember they introduced app shortcuts and everyone went crazy with customization? That was a breath of fresh air in a long-stagnant iOS design.

Well, yesterday Apple has officially gone mad.

My phone has updated overnight to 14.3. Now _after_ 🤷‍♂️ the app has started, you get a notification 🤔 with a checkmark 🤢 without any text 🤮.

The new notifications are as annoying as “Safari pasted from Mail” nonsense, and about as usable.

A website with 4 menus (5 in Russian version).

Thanks @NickKaramoff for reporting

The worst: modal dialog with no actual message, except “Look in another window”. No button to go to that window either

Thanks @somebody32 for the picture

I wonder why neither Windows nor macOS have “Stay on top” window control. Seems pretty usable, and both OSes have it in their APIs.

E.g. video player that can be pinned on top is basically picture-in-picture that was major selling point of on of the recent macOSes. It’s just a floating window!

If you accidentally clicked “Sign up” button on Twitter, there’s no going back. You have to register now.

So installation results can be better/worse?