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I've used SVGOmg website at least 20 times in the past three weeks. I opened exactly once three months ago.

Yes, Safari. Your machine learning is correct. When I type in svg, this is the exact correct order in which to show suggestions. And when I type svgo you shouldn't even preselect the site I'v using regularly.

Highlighting a link but not making it clickable? That’s something I haven’t seen before

Firefox is about to update its tab design :( To which I can only say: jesus fucking christ, are you out of your mind?

Why did you put elevated rectangles instead of tabs there? With shadows? It looks like I am supposed to drag it somewhere, while I am not. They make so much visual noise!

And no sense, physically. Tab is a label on the rest of your content, so it should be part of it. No borders or other elements should separate tab and what it represents. Here, it’s in its own space, completely unrelated to what it controls.

Why are you doing this, Firefox? I don’t want to go to Safari. Please don’t make me switch back to Safari.

- Type “license”

- license

- Fooled you!

Thanks @NickKaramoff for the picture

If you display something data-heavy, consider not limiting you page width and use 100% of space user has available on her monitor.

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Do you like our pre-installed app? Leave a review, so that nothing changes

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Dark theme switches should not exist.

Dark theme is fine, but why would I want to manually switch it on or off?

If rest of my OS is set to Light, I will never want one window to go dark. If I switch my OS to dark, why would I want a single light window or tab?

Switch themes automatically following what OS does, do not add a manual switch.

Instagram featuring two left and two right buttons right next to each other. Not confusing at all.

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Miniplayer is off for videos made for kids because... reasons?

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So Twitter wants me to read an article before I retweet it? Only that I am the one who wrote it, and I clearly have it open in a very next tab right there.

I understand that Twitter wants to be Google and track what everybody is doing, but, I mean, you can’t reliably know what I have read! What’s next — quiz on article’s content?