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Big companies are in the game, too. Download native Mac app from inside a Mac app!

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Finally! A desktop app that offers to download a desktop app (itself)

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I wonder why Safari “Translation available” shows translation button in the center but does not let you click it, and then moves it to the other side of the URL bar for you to hunt

How many cilcks are you legally required to make to update a single component? At least 9

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YouTube app, opening links leading back to itself, using it as an opportunity to promote:

- Chrome, a Google’s browser, not installed.

- Google, not sure what that is, just an app to spy on all your searches? Not installed.

- Safari, default iOS browser, not removable, probably forced to appear in this menu by Apple.

- A browser that user actually uses and set as a default browser. Does not even shows its icon, because user might recognize it (it’s Firefox).

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Want to listen to the podcast on your iPhone while playing a game on your iPad? Well tough luck using your AirPods for that. We will connect them automatically to _all_ devices you own and you can’t do a thing about it.

– Hey, I know there’s an update for your game, but I can’t download it because you are offline.

– Ok, can I play previous version of the game then?

– Also no.

Oh-oh. Drag-n-drop icon used for a dropdown menu