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The definition of “needy software”.

Thanks @grishka for the picture

I don’t understand why most kitchen timers have only +1 hour, +1 minute and +1 second buttons.

First, 1 second is too fine a detail. 10 sec? 30 sec? Maybe. But one? Don’t make me laugh. Who needs that?

Second, 1 minute is great but often not enough. What about 10 minutes? 20? 30? All these time intervals are pretty common in cooking, but clicking a +1 min button 30 times is absurd.

Third, +1 hour is almost always useless. I am prepared to click +10 minutes 6 times once a year I actually need this long.

Press Ok to cancel, Cancel to cancel cancel.

I don’t understand why people are so afraid of putting words on buttons instead of context-dependent Ok/Cancel.

Cancel summon sign?

[ Cancel ] [ Don’t cancel ]

Why is it such a radical idea?

A control that shows another window and does not reflect the actual state of the feature? It should’ve been a button, not a checkbox

How do you like our header?

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Help! I can’t reach controls because of your help button!

Framework, Framework, Library or Library?

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System dropdown menu on macOS 10.15 (left) takes less vertical space compared to macOS 12 (right), despite right Macbook having higher pixel density (254 vs 225 dpi)

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This UI always gets me. “Add Effect” feels like a button that adds effects listed above it.

When in fact a button (!) is a drop-down (!!) with a second set of effects (???)


What do you mean “No Alarm” when there are clearly two alarms right there (and one more down below)?