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If only there was enough horizontal space for job names instead of meaningless “Matrix...” prefix.

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Before using our alarm clock, let it go to the internet, accept User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Alarm clock!

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Hiding your name from yourself, in case you don’t know it?

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What, you can’t even reliably delete notes in time?

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When legal talk takes over your UI

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The message in the middle could be related both to top and to bottom tweet with equal probability.

Use distance or separators to indicate what it refers to.

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Don’t use non-zero-based vertical axis. It looks like the value goes to 0 when in fact in just goes to 75K

Toggles traditionally display state, not action. Here in dark mode we see sun, and in light mode we see moon, both of which contradict the current state.

I’ve seen a lot of weird icons. But I’ve never seen random gradient icons for sounds. These feel like something has not loaded yet.

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Your regular reminder that gradient overlays look dirty and ruin the content you hide beneath them.

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