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A popup telling me to sign in hovered over actual Sign In button. Beautiful!

Toggle between dark theme and search?

Thanks @theme_an for the picture

How it is now / how it should be.

First, when going to display settings, I am interested in displays. Instead, I see Nikibook next to each one. I am assuming that’s because it’s powering them, but then, every display plugged to my macbook will be powered by it! Why do I need this info?

Second, you can just call my build-in display “Macbook”. Yes, if we are being pedantic, you can imagine it’s a display of a macbook, not the macbook itself. But who cares? I doubt there’ll ever be any confusion.

Third, 27GN950 is a model number which no sane person on Earth would remember. Maybe add a brand next to it? Might not work in every situation, but at least it’s a distinguishing factor.

You gotta love good Less/More button

Top: bad. Working area clamped between two toolbars. Feels claustrophobic.

Middle: better. Single toolbar, but message area feels secondary and the toolbar dominates.

Bottom: best. Message comes first, formatting is secondary and does not dominate.

Left: Good. Aspect ratios sorted according to their actual value

Right: Bad. Absolutely random sort order.

I wonder how this happens. You design your own system and your own apps. English is your primary language. You control everything. Yet you let your text labels (developer-provided, not user-provided) to be trimmed. Why?

Bad: toggle fullscreen in Safari on YouTube

Good: toggle fullscreen in Firefox on Twitch

Principles of good animation: fast, single motion, no jittering

When you sort your countries in English first, and then translated titles to German

Thanks @FKohlgrueber for reporting this

The only way to win is not to play