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Why does an application that is one single static screen that updates once a minute have battery optimization option? Does it mine Bitcoin or what?

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State of CSS 2022

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At first I thought OK button is missing. After a couple of refreshes I realized that “Cancel” here is an active action, not “Abort” button.

Maybe don’t do that.

I like how this window is shown even if you have 2-step enabled and they know it and have a button just for that case. Just a reminder you are doing everything right

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Another case of hiding menu where nobody expects to find it. Not a good idea

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Continuing on Gmail mistakes. Tabs on the left are, in fact, popover menus! Who could’ve thought?

In new GMail design there’s no Compose button.

There are Chat, Spaces, Meet, Refresh button (yes, separate from the browser), layout selection, language selection, some sort of groups, activity indicator (for email?), Calendar, Keep, Tasks, Contacts. But no space for Compose button.

You can’t write a new email. In an email service. Literally

Thanks @altmindo for reporting this

Any forms are filled left-to-right and top-to-bottom. So if there are any fields that limit other fields they must come first.

Here year limits month and day, month limits day (the form doesn’t allow dates in the future). So if you are trying to enter 11 November 2000, you can’t enter 11 or November first.

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How to open this stream if I want to watch it?

The word “stream” in the text on the left is a link. Isn’t it obvious?

Either sort alphabetically, or group by meaning. But sort somehow!

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