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We’ve identified that 5 out of 45 people have problem, and we build a UI just for that purpose. BUT we won’t pre-select those 5, good luck figuring that out yourself!

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Pretty creative scroll behaviour

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Via @nikitabarskov

Decided to play some games on a plane. Four out of six downloaded turned out to be in this weird state: Steam somehow knows there is update but can’t download it (because I am on a plane). And it won’t let me play the old version either.

Don’t do that.

Pop-up menus should NOT have another pop-up menus available on the right click. It’s really hard to figure out you can right-click second time as there’s no precedent anywhere else.

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System share menu on Android. Complete chaos

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Correction: not the system menu.

“Download font” → “It looks like you need to download that font.” WTF?

I am nauseous.

Also unnecessary animations that move things around and back create a feeling the UI is very frail instead of solid.

Leave things in place.

Try to keep controls in place. In case of e.g. calendar, take into account that some months can span six weeks while most span only five.

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