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I wonder how much machine learning is needed to figure out that I probably won’t be making 2 hour walk to get to the event.

According to Apple's description of App Library, "Your apps are automatically sorted into categories... The apps that you use most frequently will automatically reorder based on your usage".

I've been using Wayke at least once a day for the past week or so. So iOS helpfully reordered it out of sight.

How hard it has become to order apps based on recent usage? Apparently, in modern world, absolutely impossible.

After years of neglect Apple updated their on MacOS.

Previously you could switch pages instantly. Now you have to wait for this completely unnecessary jarring animation. No, you can't turn it off.

To add insult to injury, they can't even calculate the number of pages left during the animation, so it takes another second or more *after* the animation to update the page count.

When you have enough space for ellipsis but not enough for a single letter “e”

Thanks Danil for the picture

The in-place popup might not be such a good idea if it gets in a way of using other controls

Thanks Vladimir Obrizan for the video

Why the fuck is someone’s retweet in my notifications? I’ve seen it already in Home feed. What a mess, I have a feeling Twitter have no idea what they are doing, just showing random stuff in random places and hoping it’ll stick

LinkedIn, "the world's largest professional network", cannot even imagine that people may actually know when they start at a new company. And that this date may in fact be in the future.

If only there was space enough to show three more circles...

Thanks Danil for the picture

Why just 7? Why not 14 or 100 or, you know, until the end of time? Are computers not powerful enough to do that? What’s the motivation here? And please don’t tell me it’s secure

Why do numbers go backwards? Is next earlier or later comments? Is it bigger or smaller numbers? So many questions