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There’re no technical reasons for limitations like these to exist. Next time you catch yourself thinking about allowing or not allowing certain symbols somewhere: just don’t. Allow everything. Users will thank you for that.

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Don’t use different font size for no reason

Don’t use only _slightly_ different font sizes (13px and 12px in this case)

In their infinite wisdom Google decided that you can only log in to the various services on the plethora of Google devices through a single central app on your phone.

I've now tried to set up Spotify for a thousandth time.

What went wrong? Something.

Devs, tell your users what is wrong.

If you are asking your users to update, maybe at least tell them why they should care?

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Nothing broke yet. You didn’t even let the user in. Yet it’s considered OK to draw user’s attention to browser upgrade without actually checking if it’s needed or not.

Spoiler: with 99% probability, it’s not even needed. It’s a news site, it displays text and images. Which features that came out in the last four months might it possibly require?

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What’s more important? Song name, its length, popularity or space around them? Album cover or ad banner?

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How much space would number “1” take and how much space is “... See all” taking instead.

Rule: “See more” label shouldn’t take more space than the content it’s hiding

Don’t make users move their mouse so far for no reason. Especially in a scenario that’s so easy to predict

Which window is active? Yep – the one on the right. You can tell by red traffic light

Edit: After this was posted, Ilya K pointed out that this is not a functionality provided by Apple. It's a behaviour enabled by an extension, and it baheaves as well as it can given the constraints.

Original text:

So, Apple finally gave users the ability to open links in third-party apps. For example, if you use Apollo, and not the official Reddit client, you can open Reddit links in Apollo.

This functionality is implemented exactly as you would expect Apple of recent years to implement it: it loads the full page first (and triggers Reader mode if it's on), then replaces it with a call to action, then interrupts you again to see if you're absolutely sure, and only then takes to the app.