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Controls that overlap content. Why? It’s a beautiful photo, for example

Have to check that you didn’t become younger between answering first and second popup

Thanks, I guess?

Thanks @dottedmag for the picture

Google spam detection is gone so bad even Google can’t get through it

Thanks @xrozhokx for the picture

Apple Books. Font preview in font settings is smaller than actual text (left), page color preview is dimmer than actual page (middle), actual text with those settings applied (right).

Rule: preview should look exactly like the end result

Cursed. Nothing fits, everything moves

Thanks @theme_an for the video

Just “Accept” button would be enough. But I’m glad I don’t have to buy new TV at least

When text “... See all »” takes more space than “3 2 1” would take

So I got a notification that can’t be dismissed (no swiping, no buttons). But when I try to record my screen it disappears, only to re-appear after I stop recording.

Very funny, Apple!

The label “Monatliche Rate” (monthly rate) is closer to 15.890 than to 99, so people would automatically assume it’s €15k monthly rate