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When you set up Nest Hub, one of Google's flagship products, you can set a language for it. The language list is randomised. If you set up several devices, or if you need to set up the device again, the "order" will be different each time.

I can't even begin to try to understand the reason behind this.

Popups are hard

Pro tip: if your popup just repeats the label, you can easily avoid it

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Looks like a header but is not a header. That’s two different articles

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Asking nicely is one thing, but user won’t close dialog if you don’t give them a close button

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How advanced are you? Advanced enough to configure Name?

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Want to Sign in with Google? Man you need help!

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This is hardcore even for seasoned Emacs users, let alone people who need accessibility

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Your regular reminder that controls are better positioned OUTSIDE the content if there’s space (and there usually is)

The desktop scrolling experience

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If you’re a website selling stuff, shouldn’t you, you know, at least try to be useful? Make the experience as seamless as possible? Don’t your earnings depend directly on how easy it is to find “Buy button”?