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Remove Payment Method is A BUTTON

Thanks @Saaska for the picture

New Slack feature: scrollable buttons

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Arbitrary limitations that nobody asked for

Thanks @kotolyi for the picture

I hope you are not in a hurry. Slow down and appreciate how slow and thorough our transitions are

Useless tooltips that actively get in your way

Thanks @BriBriKendall for the video

Maybe it’s time Twitter turns its spaceship of the UI into something more clean and organized? What do you think?

Saving user settings and respecting them is a lost art.

Five seconds or more. It takes five seconds or more for Youtube to show video duration. Video duration is information that they have instant access to when they display other information like title.

I wonder what was the thinking behind the decision to show me the same show two or three times right on the first screen.

1. Three Expanses (all with different covers),

2. three Lower Decks (two covers),

3. two Mentalists (same category!),

4-5. and two This is Us and two Preachers (each right next to its copy).

Does it sell it better or what? If it’s shown three times, it must be good?

P.S. I’ve watched The Expanse completely, and there’s no new episodes of The Peripheral, so why are they both in Continue watching I’ll never know

Come on Windows 11, you can do better!