Grumpy Website


“What if we made tooltips that just repeat what the button says?”

“Great, don’t also forget to put them far away from the buttons”

So... Where do I click? Turns out there’s a button that disguises itself as a text field.

The rule is simple: center-aligned label == button. Left-aligned label == text field.

If you put a button next to something, people will naturally assume it controls that thing. Can you guess which one turns on the socket? And what the other one do?

It’s so nice when website is happy to see you

I will never understand searches that can’t find something given full exact match. There are no excuses

And how, in your imagination, am I supposed to do that?

Icons can’t be simply inverted for black background. Especially ones with faces, eyes and other parts that have very well-established colors

Do you want to see what’s at the bottom of the right column? Well, scroll down left one first!

Gotta love nested menus with just one position

Scroll to the right should scroll to the right