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Why is there a hole behind the search field???

If your filter says “All”, it should show, well, all. It can’t be “All but then the other filter in the different corner applies”

Thanks @dv_13 for the picture

Pro tip: give your home devices easy to remember names

Transparency is ugly, take 3. You can’t see neither controls nor content properly. It’s strictly worse than either showing opaque toolbar or hiding it completely.

P.S. It’s a real screenshot, not some intermediate transitional state. It’s how Twitter looks right now on iOS





The only thing that looks like a link is not a link but a currently selected item. Two other items that look like text are in fact links

Jeez, it’s a just a chat app, not a spaceship! Also: notification settings are in three (!) different places

Thanks @mamutnespit for the pictures

Three points:

1. Controls shouldn’t move

2. Controls shouldn’t overlap the content

3. Controls should attract less attention (size, color) than the content

Cookies are so important a feature we’ll put it on top of every other UI and make it always visible

Thanks @apust for the video

When there’s not enough space for post text, but enough for all the reactions

Thanks @dv_13 for the picture

Which one is selected?