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In general, if you are implementing tabs, try not to:

- make them jump around

- reorder

- change amount of tabs/their content

- change search query

Thanks @The2lb3oz4dr10grOfHedgehogs for reporting

When possible, try to use same design for all buttons. Also, try to make button boundaries visible and don’t make it look like a link

I’ve been waiting for a while looking at this, expecting it to disappear because title clearly says: wait 1 second. Turned out they wanted something from me.

Come on Apple, checkboxes are square. You should know better

Pro tip: users tend to not expect plain text to behave like text box

Rule of thumb: try to make your controls visible

Thanks @nikitabarskov for the video

Best restaurant reservation UI I’ve ever seen

Left: It always confuses me when picture is placed outside of header. Like, in this case, the photo is of Fractal Design Terra, but it looks like it’s a leftover from a previous section.

Right: my version. No confusion

Can’t believe they put 33 buttons on that thing but none of them let you switch inputs. You have to through menu, wait for it to load (yes, it takes a significant time) and click left-right-okay for what could’ve been just a single button click.

They even have four colored buttons that do nothing! But no, switching inputs with one click would be too comfortable, we can’t allow it

UPD: Yes, I know there’s an Inputs button. That’s the one that opens a menu and then you have to select with arrows. I am talking about separate button per input. Like, HDMI1 button, HDMI2 button, etc. 1 click and you are directly where you need to be

What the heck is ENG - English - United Kingdom - German? I assume it’s a German layout, but for layout switcher it’s kind of weird to say “English” three times to display that it’s German