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Pro tip: don’t just say what are you doing, also say why

Why is nobody excited about these “yesterday”/“2 days ago”/“a week ago” labels?

Because they pretend to speak human language, but they actually don’t. For a human, yesterday is “at the day before”, “between 0am..11:59pm the day before today”.

No human uses “less that 24 hours” as the definition of “yesterday”. Computers, unfortunately, do. Add here that different implementations calculate “yesterday” differently (even on the same service) → lack of trust → less useful.

And don’t get me started on “12 days ago”. This is complete bullshit. No human thinks in terms of “5+ days ago”. Last week—maybe. But not this.

(don’t use “last week/month/year”, too — it becomes too vague. Use specific day)

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Pro tip: don’t make enabled elements look disabled

Things close together are perceived as related.

In this case, Scoped values seem to be represented by JEP 453, but this is not the case. They are represented by JEP 446

Two questions:

1. Xcode wants to accept license? Is this the AI revolution everybody were talking about?

2. Why is text repeated twice?

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1. Don’t use country flags for langauges

2. If you do, at least use the right ones?

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Your mockup UI in the illustration (top) should be less detailed than actual UI (bottom)

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Higher Picture Quality (144p). Higher than what?

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Some websites just can’t let you read a plain text article from start to finish. It’s an impossible task for them. Just text. A thousand words. But no. It has to be “an experience”

Checkmarks have so many meanings...

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