Grumpy Website


Sketch welcome screen. How does one create a new file? Well, you either go into Recent (why?) or into Open (??)

Yes, even in 2023, people still need to create new files

Don’t add visual rhyme where it’s not needed

Thanks Malte for reporting this

Play button looks better if it’s centered

We put updates in your Update Agent, so you can update while it updates...

Thanks @plFlok for the picture

Twitter embeds now have close button.

Thanks @ssaifulin for the picture

How does one scroll a popup?

Thanks @maxim_krikun for the video

You know, people know about timezones, too. Not only about cities.

Are there even people who are not keyboard users? Like, don’t use keyboard at all?

Anyways, on the website in question, neither keyboard nor mouse panning worked.

Microwave labeling contest!

Thanks Kevin Lynagh for the photo