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Do not hide labels when user enters text in them. It makes it hard to spot the error

Thanks @arsenii_that_b for the picture

Hiding navigation (View Quotes) behind action button (Retweet) is wrong

My dear friend, I’ve been using this for ten+ years now. I’ve probably used it before person who implemented this screen was hired.

So yeah, welcome me. Let’s get started

Please don’t reverse toggles. They are turned on when they point to the right.

Thanks @thoregram for the picture

How many notifications are enough?

Thanks @toby3d for the picture

When your popup was supposed to show the full title, but suddenly run out of space

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Sort list items by value, not alphabetically.

Thanks @bemyak for the picture

That feeling when you just wanted to read an article in modern internet

Github Comment form evolution. Takeout: if something doesn’t look like text area, people won’t see it as a text area. It’s very strange feeling, typing in the middle of white page with no boundaries, you know?

Looks like bytes now have an expiration date?