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Contrast, Apple, please

Thanks @dentalala for the picture

#AppleMusic #Contrast

The only way to tell that the top one is a button and bottom one is just a text label is by reading the text.

Don’t do this

#Jira #Affordance #Button

The hardest controls to find are the invisible ones. None of us are telepaths, you know

Thanks migvidal for the video

#AppleMail #hover #Invisible

Do: make checkbox labels clickable

Don’t: make label clicks do something different from checkbox clicks

Thanks n10v for the video

You know, Google, links were invented specifically so you wouldn’t have to describe your path like this.

Thanks @obrizan for the picture

If you want something from me, make it the first sentence.

This prompt is actually a question. But you don’t know it until your read it till the very end

Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?

Thank Nick for the picture

How many dropdowns do you see?

Thanks @NikitaKaramov for the video

Why do #Slack email notifications always contain one old message and one new one? So confusing

UPD: Today there were 4 new messages and they only notified me of one. The last one. So confusing

You had one job. One. It’s not even three-digits or something crazy. It’s normal operation

Thanks Alexey Gornostaev for the picture