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explanation that doesn’t explain anything, but barely repeats title

Don’t use font-weight: 300 for body copy. It’s too thin to be read comfortably. Designers like it because it pages look “lighter”, but it hurts those who would like to know what’s actually written there.

font-weight: 400 is default for a reason—it was carefully chosen to be most comfortable to read. Font designer spent, let’s say, 6 month fine-tuning every letter and every letter combination in her font. Don’t make a decision only because you’ve looked at it 30 seconds and feel it looks “cleaner”.

(click on a picture to see it full-size)

Creating a streaming event on YouTube is stressful. Pick your date and time, then make sure it didn't go back to "Today - Now" silently after you change some unrelated setting.

Also, yes, you have to click on a date twice for it to actually change.

SublimeMerge uses “...” at the bottom as an “ends here” symbol, while I can only read it as “there’s more”, which is direct opposite of what they are trying to say.

Funny, same screen has “...” buttons which are “more commands here”, as expected (but still should probably be ▼ instead).

Well this is annoying. Some app has been begging me to enter my password for Google account. In a nameless popup over everything else. With no way to figure out which app it is for. Suspicious as hell.

UPD: seems it was Apple asking for Apple ID (got that by intentionally entering wrong password). How the hell was I supposed to figure that out?

In case you started to forget how ugly mobile google search is. No, shadows don’t automagically make everything beautiful. Especially nested ones

This I still don’t understand. macOS has AirPlay icon and an option to only display it when there are supported devices around. Thing is, sometimes it pops up with an empty menu (no devices) but icon is still there

does it look beautiful to you? to me it looks messy and broken...

Adobe App Manager is really is a piece of shit, I cannot tolerate it anymore. It's slow, tough and rigid. The first time it starts, it shows just a blank page. The second time, there is something completely broken without any sense. Seems like some CSS files a missing or whatever. An endless spinner hangs for the third time I re-started it. After a number of times the manager has been restarted, I could finally see a list of installed app. Congrats!

Notion, being implemented in Electron, will find all words on a page. I mean, including UI elements and interface labels.