Grumpy Website


Sometimes I feel like app designers make decisions out of their own convenience rather than logic. E.g. in Notion Dark Mode switch is placed in Workspace switch menu. Why? I don’t know. It’s neither in Settings nor in Page nor in View menus. I guess it would make too much sense

Month view in iOS calendar is quite useless. Yes I have an events scheduled for almost every day. I’m kind of aware. So?

Hands down it’s the ugliest play button I’ve ever seen

Alright, I already agree and even _desire_ to receive your advertisement, why do you make me fill so many fields?

Txh Petr Maslov for the picture

The beauty of Google design as evidenced by Google Maps. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing is what it should be. What happens when I click any of these? You never know. It has to be experienced to be believed.

What irks me the most is the website link. Which is a link. Disguised as a button. Why? Reasons.

I guess Reddit really wants me to install the app (5 banners, 3 buttons)

Hello, welcome to our animated banner website, Medium

If you’re Apple you control everything in your app. Still you decide to split what should’ve been a long continuous purple banner into several smaller ones each one of which does not align perfectly to the next. Attention to detail you say?

One day captcha would become so hard only robots would be able to pass it

Nine vertical dots in a column (mobile YouTube in a mobile browser)