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Imagine how cool it would be if iPhone had a silence/mute button that actually worked?

Instead it has Silent Mode, and it has Volume. If you don’t want to make any sounds, you have to turn both off. Each one of them separately would turn _some_ sounds down, keep others, and you never sure which would be which. So yeah, every time I _have_ to do both. And then undo both, if I want to hear sounds again. Great, isn’t it? It just works.

When automatic graphics switching is disabled, this may disable your battery life. Even when you're connected to power? Why can't you make this two settings? One for when you're running on battery only, and make it "Switch graphics" by default. And the other one for the power adapter.

Twitter's song for interactions is: "Every click you take, every move you make, I'll reset the page".

This is also (randomly) applies to expanding replies, opening and closing images and video, clicking away from search results...

what a lovely selection of rectangles!

A few months back Google's Material UI team shared how they conducted two user studies involving 200 people to tell them that yes, the design for their text input is bad. Or they could just ask any person with eyes and common sense.

Now Material UI released a new component: autocomplete. As you can clearly see from the picture, it allows you to group items by category.

What? You can't see the difference between black with opacity 0.54 and black with opacity 0.87? Your only hope is for Google to do a study two years from now.

It's amazing to see how Twitter continuously fails at most basic interactions.

It's a website that displays text, images and some embedded videos. And *that's it*.

Permissions without explanation are... weird. First of all, you want WHAT? Why on Earth would YOU want THAT? Then, why should I give it to you? What if I don’t? What will I lose? I also like how subtext doesn’t explain anything, it just repeats what’s alredy been said.

One microservice: compress images based on their largest dimension (horizontal). Another microservice: generates preview by scaling up smallest dimension (vertical). Result: crappy previews for no reason (this is a fully loaded state).

Banner blindness is a thing. I’ve been living with this for about six months now, using dictionary constantly without realizing it has been asking me to do something. (Why it couldn’t update itself is another question)

Thanks Amazon for acknowledging most of the things in YOUR ACCOUNT belong to me