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Just a reminder for web developers: if you draw some stuff inside inputs, you’ll be competing with the browsers. Better don’t!

Thanks @petrmaslov for the picture

Not sure why, but YouTube disables account switching in the only situation it makes sense: when opening a video that is shared with your another account. WHY?

Even better solution would be checking ALL my accounts first and just opening the damn video if any of them has access. Man can dream...

Google Cloud Services. If only there was enough screen space to display more text without needing to use a custom tooltip that clashes with the native browser tooltip.

Note: This is a *new redesign* of this page. Clearly done by people who will never use this page in their entire life.

This is me trying to close parent window at once.

Broke: close all dialogs depending on it.

Woke: raise one more dialog, teach user the correct order to close dialogs, do not help them. This is a critical skill that might become useful later in their lives.

At some point Google decided that it’s a good idea to show you your userpic all the time in the toolbar, which can’t be disabled. Then Edge did the same, macOS Preferences followed, and now Windows Settings are doing the same.

My question is: WHY? Why do I need to be reminded that me is me all the time? Avatars in web are needed because web is by definition “someone else’s place”. It’s good to have your own presence on the page. It also signs out all the time, so it’s also functional.

But in the OS I log in once (and avatar on login screen are fine) and then the whole computer is mine. I don’t need to be reminded about that! Nobody else uses it! I never log in/log out, so it serves no function.

Also, I couldn’t care less under which account am I logged into Chrome (not Google in general, but Chrome specifically). Sorry, Google. I think nobody really does.

Windows settings now has REWARDS! I guess folks at Microsoft are not doing all that great these days.

Also Windows Update is shown twice for some reason. I mean, OneDrive and Rewards are promotional features, I get it. But Updates??

The forgotten art of drawing graphs relevant to data they represent.

Thanks @JustSlavic for the picture.

Oh, there will be two pairs of headphones in the box? Nice! But why only one case?

Back in the old days, when you needed something done in Word or Excel, you open them but was interrupted with “there is an update” popup. Annoying as hell, worst time to interrupt, etc. Everybody hated it.

Today, of course, software can update itself, so no popup is necessary. But how are companies supposed to annoy their users without them? Apple, once again showing how innovative they are, has found a way.

Material design: we are based on physical model, inspired by the physical world and its textures, or surfaces have location in 3D space, we render everything coherently.

Also Material: buttons go up when you press them