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Close my browser? Should I also reboot my computer? Switch city? Alter my name?

Good luck remembering what they were! Also this is a good opportunity to offer subscriptions and notifications once again I guess.

thx @ds_mcclain for the picture

Kindle for iOS.

Of course I'm logged in with my Amazon account, otherwise I couldn't read books I'd buy on Amazon.

I've also connected my Goodreads account, and to date I've rated or reviewed over 200 books there.

Why am I not authorized? Which of the two services thinks I'm not authorized? How do I solve this problem? So many questions, zero answers.

when macOS wants to protect you from unwanted notifications, but does that by producing unwanted notification itself

Kindle for iOS

Default order to display books is:

- Second book in series that I just completed

- Third book in series that I just bought

- First book in series that I finished a week ago

It doesn't help that the default view is to display book covers only. The tiny white-on-black "new"/"read" labels you can only properly see on white backgrounds. And most book covers don't have white backgrounds.

It's one of the few things that Apple's Books for iOS gets right: by default its library view presents series as separate collections. Within each collection books are in the series order.

Kindle on iOS.

When you complete a book in a series, Amazon will suggest the next book in the series.

As soon as you buy it and it's synced to your device, it disappears from the suggestions.

I can't even begin to imagine the chain of decisions and reasoning that went into this.

Apple Books on iPhone will show you a short list of recommended books just for you.

What happens if you click "Show All"? It will show an even shorter list of recommended book.

What happens if you click "Show All" the second time? Ah, there we go.

Tweetbot has two share buttons. One is quite prominent and visible at the top of the screen that contains exactly two options: tweet and email.

The other one is at the bottom of the selected tweet. That one triggers the proper sharing sheet.

You know, because.

Welcome to Catalina! To welcome you properly, we’ve created an empty folder with your Relocated Items (you don’t have any btw) and a 1.3 Mb PDF containing a few words explaining why you need it and empty folder with 1.3 Mb PDF.

The rule is really simple. If you see a picture and click on it, a page with bigger picture should open up. Really, there’s nothing more to that.