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Looking for TV? How about Disk Utility as a TOP HIT?

I still find it hard to believe that if you plug a mouse to your macbook, you can have scroll working as expected either on a mouse or on a trackpad, but not both. They even made two settings, but then decided that one should silently alter the other to match, without notifying or even listening to the user.

I guess in Apple’s mind people who plug in USB mouse immediately stop using trackpad for anything for the rest of their life. I can’t find another explanation for this nonsense.

When you plug in an Apple Magic Keyboard with a WIRE, you get the message saying exactly the opposite.

Few things in computers offend me as much as this one. Still can’t believe Windows just cut half of my last name and made a username out of it. Like, it got bored reading it or what? It started to sound repetitive?

Reddit. As bad as Twitter.

The possibilities are limitless. The only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves. Like this truncated text on a 1920px screen.

Thanks @generalgda for the picture

If there's one constant in this universe, it's this: The ratio between how much Google overpromises and how much Google underdelivers.

For all the talk about how great Google is at AI, it can't solve a simple problem:


- Given that there's a series of videos,

- Given that the videos are arranged in a playlist,

- Given that the user advances through this list one video at a time,


- Recommend the next video in the list to the user

Join a meeting from the keyboard?

Thanks @vanadium23 for the picture

It still boggles my mind that Catalyst was released. It clearly isn't even alpha, much less production-ready.

I do understand the appeal though. After all, Atlassian's blog boasts "How our iOS developers became Mac developers overnight". And it looks like for the time ever the fault lies completely with something outside Atlassian's control.

The video should speak for itself. Every single menu item is disabled. Every single menu item's shortcut works. Because that's the awesome integration that Catalyst provides.

Oh, look. Catalyst even managed to mess up the most common system-wide application shortcut: Cmd+Q to quit. Now it's also Cmd+W because screw you, that's why (it's also featured in Apple's own first-party apps such as Home and Stocks)

I could never understand Notification settings. I mean, each one in isolation, maybe. But together? Allow notifications: On. Style: None. Show on lock screen: On. Left menu says: Off. What will I get? Will I see anything or not? In which shape or form?

Thanks @andrew347 for reporting this