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Big screen? How about we show you LESS of an image? Less of the content, too. Who are you trying to impress?

I wonder what’s the logic behind making inactive windows opaque. As I imagine it, active windows should have more contrast, so they should be opaque, and inactive semi-transparent.

The only possible explanation I can come up with is that transparency looks cooler. Well, why turn it off for inactive windows then?

Ok what’s current “Turn display off after“ value? It is as far from 1 min as it is from 15 min, so it must be (15+1)/2 = 8 min?

It actually is at 5 min. Here’s a reminder for you, Apple: if you use non-linear scale, maybe put down some intermediate labels and current value? There’s plenty of space for both.

Okay, hear me out. The thing I’ll describe might sounds like science fiction, something beyond our wildest dreams. Yet the only thing computers can’t take away from us is our dreams.

So. What if every time I configure my display arrangement, it will be stored somewhere on a hard drive? In a file, for example.

Now comes the crazy part. What if next time Mac sees the same exact displays connected (by hardware id, or at least by NAMES. I can see in window title it knows their NAMES), it opens this file and restores the layout exactly as I configured it last time?

Sounds unreal, I know. Yet 20 years ago we didn’t have Google. There was no Twitter 15 years ago. Maybe in next 15-20 years we’ll see a much more advanced OS of the future that will be capable of remembering monitor configuration. Maybe. I sure hope so.

For some reason Edge thinks windows are landscape-oriented, but tabs are in portrait? Pretty strange, given that windows usually consist of tabs and nothing else.

Two simple rules:

- Don’t rearrange elements in selection.

- Certainly don’t rearrange elements when user can’t see that.

Here to activate a theme you go “inside” (?), but when you return back, the order is all different. They also all look alike, so getting lost is easier than ever.

your pages have been taken hostage. We will kill one every seven minutes. We are serious. Listen to our demands

After waiting for a minute for this UI to load, I realize it’s just an illustration, not a loading screen

Just imagine that your text is a ball on a billiards table. This will keep you distracted from questions like "why is the text inside a fixed container with huge opaque margins?"

Just one more gold nugget in the treasure pile that is Google Design.

Many thanks to @justmonik4 for the screen capture and description

iCloud for Windows is so advanced it requires Windows version from the future.

Thanks @disablesilence for the picture